Schuh Scales Back Beverly Triton Beach Upgrades

Sandy and Waves
Photo by Metoc licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5

Citing input from the local neighborhood and concerns about traffic, Steve Schuh’s office announced that proposed improvements to Beverly Triton Beach Park will be scaled back in the proposed FY2018 budget. Gone are:

  • A proposed beach expansion for supervised swimming.
  • A proposed frisbee golf course.

Additionally, the proposed parking expansion has been scaled back from 150 to 96 spaces.

Schuh’s office said these changes will keep the beach closer to the natural state, benefitting the environment and that the parking space reduction will limit the effects of traffic on the local community.

Additions to the plan include:

  • An improved guard house and gate to ensure the park is only used during operating hours.
  • Funding to improve and protect the shoreline along the park and control the erosion that threatens the surrounding natural habitat.

“This plan addresses a vast majority of the concerns brought for by residents during our extensive public outreach over the last year,” said Schuh. “I look forward to working with the Council to ensure we continue to improve the quality of life for our residents.”

The proposal will be submitted to the County Council for funding approval on May 1st. The FY2018 budget will be finalized by the County Council by June 15th.

Beverly Triton Beach Park was acquired by the county back in the ’80s but no development has taken place until now. James Lighthizer, who was County Exec when the land was acquired, has campaigned for increased access to the park. Steve Schuh was initially supportive but backtracked after an online petition last year from Mayo area residents. It remains to be seen how the new compromise proposal will be accepted.

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