Schuh Signs Revitalization Bills

Workers Using Hammers
Photo by Narek75 licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0

On April 12th, County Executive Steve Schuh signed two bills that seek to revitalize, redevelop and re-energize the County’s urban and industrial areas.

“We are committed to improving the quality of life for every citizen in Anne Arundel County,” said County Executive Steve Schuh. “These two pieces of legislation will help lift up communities by focusing our efforts to stamp out urban blight and encourage citizens to improve their property.”

Bill 10-17 revises the boundaries of the Commercial Revitalization Areas to match property lines and exclude irrelevant properties. It also eliminates 5 of the existing Revitalization Areas, consolidates portions of others, and eliminates portions of 3 areas. Additionally, the bill increases incentives for redevelopment within these areas by removing limitations and simplifying requirements for residential developments. The bill passed 7-0 on April 3rd.

Bill 15-17, sponsored by Councilman John Grasso, allows for additional properties to be eligible for the Residential Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program. It is intended to spur revitalization in older communities and neighborhoods around the county. This legislation was passed 7-0 April 3rd.

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