Democracy: Our Common Cause, Our Common Destiny

Gage Dillon, his wife Neka and their son at a luau in Hawaii.

By Gage Dillon

The election of Donald Trump sent shockwaves across the United States. Even citizens of foreign nations watched closely and lamented the final result, as did the majority of Americans. This is for good reason. The United States is the pillar upon which global society has been founded. With a man like Donald Trump at the helm, who is widely regarded as dangerously incompetent, that pillar could come crashing down.

As Americans, we have a unique responsibility to not only preserve democracy at home, but to show the world that democracy is worth fighting for. This is because democratic sovereignties, regardless of our national identity, share a common destiny. In the end, we will succeed or fail together against the subversive forces of authoritarianism.

Unfortunately, our political parties are in rough shape. The Republican party is currently being led by a unique combination of troglodytes (deliberate in their ignorance) and tyrants. The Democratic party lost 63 Congressional seats, 10 Senate seats, 12 Governorships, the Presidency, and 1 Supreme Court Justice. It has been left reminiscing on what could have been and reluctantly letting go of the past. The Independent-turned-Democrat Bernie Sanders is one of the few bright spots, currently enjoying the highest popularity ratings of any active American politician, among Democrats as well as Republicans.

Needless to say, this is a time of transition for both major parties. Constituents are changing. Progressives are swarming the parties’ flanks, and it seems that neither party is able to resist the move to the left. The move signifies the outcry of the American people who, oppressed for so long by corporate economic exploitation, have reached critical mass in their willingness to tolerate inequality. New leaders from both parties have a rare opportunity to capture this moment, and with the vigorous support of the people, demand justice in the face of racist, fascist, and corrupt elements spreading through our government.

At a time when tensions in the United States have been exacerbated by an economic recession, several protracted wars, and mounting civil unrest, we the people are desperate for change. More than anything, we want to feel we have been heard. We may not agree on every issue, but we must remember our fundamental agreement on the primacy of democracy. This common cause defines us as a nation and gives us a shared destiny.

If power is not restored to the people of our own nation, then democracy worldwide will wither. Lady Liberty is calling upon every American to rally for the cause of resistance, not against a single man or party, but against authoritarianism, an idea that is fundamentally opposed to democracy. We patriots hear her call, and rally to her defense!

Gage is a US Army veteran, people-power activist, and full-time student from Hanover, Maryland.

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