Action Annapolis Tracks City Candidates So You Won’t Have To

Action Annapolis organizing meeting plans to track all City candidates and will go County-wide in 2018. Photo: Action Annapolis

Action Annapolis held it’s organizational meeting Tues. night, May 9. to discuss strategies on actively following local elections, including score cards on incumbents’ voting records and a questionnaire to go out to all candidates. The questionnaire will reflect numerous issues of concern to the group, and the candidates’ responses will be posted on the group’s website.

Action Annapolis broke into groups to investigate different candidates running for City elections. Photo: Action Annapolis

Action Annapolis intends to focus first on the fall 2017 Annapolis city elections, to be followed by the 2018 county and state elections. The group’s focus on elections is with the understanding that creating a political system that speaks to Progressive values requires supporting candidates that share those values beginning at the local level.

Action Annapolis’ goal is to create a template at the city level that will then be used to effect change for the county and state. The group has formed partnerships with other like-minded groups on this effort of gaining a deeper understanding of our candidates’ positions and voting records (when applicable), as well as becoming a strong voice in advocating for the broader progressive community.

In addition to their Elections Team, their teams include a focus on both informing as well as mobilizing for action on issues such as Health Care, Women’s Rights, Immigration, the Environment and Education.

As they seek to support all efforts toward social justice, Action Annapolis is a co-sponsor for the May 11 Demonstration Against Racism in the Circuit CourtsFor more information about tomorrow’s demonstration please see details here.

Action Annapolis looks forward to growing their teams and invite all who are interested in joining. Please direct any inquiries to

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