Candidate Forum: Mayoral Candidate Gavin Buckley: Inclusiveness, Environment, Safety, Transparency

Mayor Gavin Buckley Photo: Peter Cane Photography

Three times a week, I start my day by reading the national and local news, hearing about the bitterness in Washington and cynical ploys to rip people from their health care.

Four other days however, I start my day by running with a group of friends I’ve known for years. We talk about politics almost exclusively. A few of us are bleeding heart liberals, a few are Tea Partiers, and the rest of us are concerned about what we will do going forward. We argue in between our panting, and sometimes we actually agree on something – and plenty of times we don’t.

What I’ve learned to do during these runs – and in my businesses – is to listen and find common ground when there is one, but not to sacrifice my values for a solution that helps no one.

Annapolis has the powerful distinction of being one of the first municipalities in the country to set the tone after the 2016 election and stand up for what we believe. We will decide who we will be during President Trump’s term this September 19th. We must send a message that our city prioritizes: inclusiveness, environmental health, responsive and open government, transit solutions for the 21st century, and community policing.

Annapolis needs new leadership with a clear vision for who we are. We need new leadership that has walked the walk on inclusiveness: my restaurants held the first “LGBT” night in Annapolis; West Street businesses are as diverse as anywhere in the city, though we have a long way to go.

I decided to run for Mayor when I heard President Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Secretary Hillary Clinton tell people that the most effective change starts locally. That’s why I ask for your vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017. I can’t wait to show the world what kind of city we are.

Gavin Buckley is a restauranteur who has worked to develop a vibrant arts district in the city of Annapolis. He is originally from Australia and landed at City Dock 25 years ago aboard a sailboat.

There will be a fundraiser for Buckley’s campaign which will be an 80s Punk-Rock theme hosted by photographer David Hartcorn at his studio in Annapolis.

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