Steve Schuh’s Plan to Create Orphans for Profit

Children in Anne Arundel County
Photo by Margaret W.Nea.

Steve Schuh’s spokesperson, Owen McEvoy, writes in the Evening Capital that he is attempting to “clarify the record” regarding Steve Schuh and 287(g) in Anne Arundel County (The Evening Capital, Letters: Federal Program; May 24, 2017). The program, once implemented, will give Schuh federal funds to have Anne Arundel County detention facility officers do the work of Federal Immigration agents.

The fact is Steve Schuh’s morally indefensible plan will deport parents of innocent American children. Has any thought been given to who will care for these children? Anne Arundel County can not be in the business of creating orphans out of American children.

Furthermore, Steve Schuh has not been honest about the county’s response to his plan. Originally he claimed there were no concerns from county residents; now it’s very clear people are concerned about this program. Shifting tactics, his spokesperson now misleadingly accuses patriotic, law-abiding citizen groups opposed to this disgusting plan of being “left leaning organizations.” Indivisible, the one group mentioned, was started by aides to United States House of Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas and Representative Tom Perriello of Virginia. McEvoy’s childish attempt to call a group borne out of the United States House of Representatives, a “left-leaning organization” seems hardly valid. McEvoy can smear whomever he wants, but I for one am not going to stand here and listen to him badmouth the United States of America. (OK, that’s my little attempt at humor, throwing in the Animal House reference.)

But seriously, Americans don’t treat other Americans this way, we don’t heartlessly tear American children from their mothers. If Steve Schuh honestly believes this cruel attack on family values is a good idea, he should go on record and defend it in a civil, open discussion, solely dedicated to this important topic.

I ask the citizens of Anne Arundel County, do you want Steve Schuh to carry out a plan that separates innocent American children from their mothers? If the sheer horror of a young child, an American citizen being torn away from its mother doesn’t bother you, then perhaps the costs to the county might soften your stone cold heart.

According to the Washington Post, Prince William County had to raise their property taxes by 5 percent to pay for their own debacle of a 287(g) program. A Brookings Institute report states, “the program cost Prince William County $6.4 million in its first year and would cost $26 million over five years.” Mecklenburg County in North Carolina, slightly larger than Baltimore County, spent $5.3 million dollars on the program in 2009 and North Carolina’s Alamance County spent $4.8 million in their first year. Please read this paragraph twice to make sure you get the full, dizzying effect of this profitless and harmful program.

Who will clothe, feed and care for these orphaned American children? Steve Schuh’s plan to create orphans for profit in Anne Arundel County is a terrible idea. Somebody, please explain. Didn’t the man have a mother?

Peter Cane
Annapolis, MD

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