Defend Democracy Tuesday Night at the County Council Meeting

League of the South Flag
League of the South Flag

Anne Arundel County Councilman Michael Peroutka has a long association with a hate group that marched alongside Nazi groups in Charlottesville, the name of this group is the League of the South. Pictures of this group’s militia units can be seen marching with their white crosses alongside Nazi flags.

In our own Anne Arundel County a serious discussion about hate groups is needed. Unfortunately, County Council Chair John Grasso suppresses any discussion of this subject at the council meetings. It is time for this to change.

The Constitution gives American citizens a right to criticize elected leaders. It should be clear to every elected official in the council that the suppression of free speech stands in opposition to democracy.  County Council meetings have an open section giving the public the right to speak for two minutes on any subject. We chose to speak about Peroutka. Chairman John Grasso has illegally and selectively protected Mr. Peroutka by threatening us with removal and arrest when speaking of Peroutka and his ties to hate groups. John Grasso is not King of Anne Arundel County. We have the right to denounce Peroutka as a politician and Grasso must follow the laws of this country just like everyone else.

We are asking citizens to come to the County Council meeting at 7 pm on Tuesday the 5th and exercise their right to free speech. Please join us in addressing Councilman Peroutka’s past membership in the hate group, The League of the South.

You can find information regarding Peroutka and the League of the South in the links below. You won’t be required to stay through the complete meeting, you can simply speak in the opening section and leave early. Help defend Democracy on Tuesday 5th and come speak out about Michael Peroutka.

The time and address of the Council meeting are in the links below, Note, there is a sign-up sheet at the desk if you wish to speak when you walk in. Info at:

Research Information on Peroutka

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