Night Terrors

The Nightmare by John Henry Fuseli 1781

    Darkness—darkness everywhere—creating dancing shadows on the walls. Beasts—monstrous beasts take form using street lights and the night’s darkness as paint and the walls as the canvas. The shadow monsters—the horrid things—stealthily creep along the walls as the night slowly passes. Tick—Tock—Tick—Tock. The unbearable clock counts every second—every terrifying second of their monstrous existence. The screech and honk of cars only seem to upset them more—it angers them. They bolt across the walls, figures of nightly terrors—horrors of other worlds. One, one horrible beast, a horribly brave monster, creeps up the foot of my bed! getting closer and closer and closer. Tick—Tock—Tick—Tock. The clock counts every lethal movement, every second it takes to reach me. Finally, it is here. Darkness falls on me. It covers me like a thick, cold—so, so cold—blanket. I shut my eyes against the horrors—praying for them to stop. Only a few more hours—a little longer in darkness. Tick—Tock— Tick—Tock—Tick—Tock.

Olivia Abboud is a 9th grader from Anne Arundel County that likes to write, ride horses, and play softball.

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