AA County Executive Schuh and MD US Rep Harris Financially Backed Roy Moore

Moore Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault by Several Women Who Say They Were Minors at the Time of the Incidents.

Anne Arunel County Executive Schuh and U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, Maryland District 1, both Republicans, donated to the Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate PAC in September 2017.

Annapolis, Md. – Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh and U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, both Republicans, donated to the campaign of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore in September 2017, according to Federal Election Commission reports.

Both politicians backed Moore prior to the Alabama Senate primary against incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, RAla. Moore defeated Strange on September 26. The Moore campaign received $1,000 each from Schuh and the Andy Harris for Congress Committee on September 8, 2017, and September 14, 2017, respectively. No record was found of Schuh or Harris contributing to Strange’s campaign.

According to The Associated Press, Moore, a former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, has been accused of sexually assaulting two teenage girls, one as young as 14, and pursuing romantic relationships with at least 5 female minors between the ages of 16-18. Moore was in his 30s at the time of the alleged behavior.

Schuh’s spokesperson Owen McEvoy wrote in an email, “The County Executive has already asked his contribution be refunded due to the distributing (sic) allegations against Mr. Moore.” The Arundel Patriot requested documentation of Schuh’s refund request but did not receive a response before press time. Harris’ office was contacted early Monday morning for comment on whether or not he still supports Moore. No response was provided prior to publication.

Anne Arundel County Councilman Michael Peroutka (R-District 5) also supports Moore for the Senate seat. Peroutka has donated $2,500 to Moore’s campaign. He stood on stage with Moore after Moore’s primary victory and also signed the re-released letter of support with 50 pastors backing Moore after the sexual assault allegations were made.

The controversial Millersville councilman once belonged to the pro-secessionist group League of the South. Peroutka has since withdrawn his membership from the League. The League was most recently in the news for its presence at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past August.

Councilman Michael Peroutka, R-Millersville, addressing the League of the South, a white supremacy group.

President Trump today endorsed Moore for the Alabama Senate seat on his Twitter feed Monday. President Trump wrote: “Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama.”

Moore has refused to step down from his campaign despite calls from many prominent Republicans for him to do so. He is running against Democratic Party candidate Doug Jones in Alabama’s special election on December 12, 2017.

Brenda Wintrode is a freelance reporter for The Arundel Patriot.

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