Candidates Will Hold Rally Dec. 16: Plan to Take County Back from Republicans Tied to Extremist Roy Moore

Two candidates running for office in 2018 who will be at the rally on Sat. Dec. 9. Tracie Hovermale, (L) running for D-33 Delegate, and Dawn Myers, Candidate for County Council District 5. Photo: Anne Arundel County Democratic Party

Davidsonville, MD – Anne Arundel County Executive candidate Steuart Pittman will kick off his campaign on Saturday, December 16 from 2 – 4 pm at “The Big Barn” on his Dodon Farm, 440 Dodon Road, Davidsonville, MD 21035. He will be accompanied by two county council members, seven candidates for County Council and at least six local candidates for state delegate or Senate. More than two hundred supporters will attend.

Capping a week in which the Republican majority of the County Council unanimously elected former League of the South member Michael Peroutka as its chairman, and news broke that county executive Steven R. Schuh had contributed $1,000 to the Roy Moore Alabama Senate campaign, Pittman and other Democrats are concerned about the direction that county Republicans have moved.

“County leaders have been so eager to please developers and political donors that their focus is ‘growth by leaps and bounds’ rather than education, the environment, public safety, and the causes of drug addiction,” said Pittman. “It’s time to get back to putting our communities first, and to stop worrying about who gets elected in Alabama.”

Speakers at the event include longtime delegate and county councilwoman Virginia Clagett and recently elected Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley.

County Council candidates to attend include: Andrew Pruski (District 4), Allison M. Pickard (District 2), Debbie Ritchie (District 3), Dawn Gough Myers (District 5), Scott MacMullan (District 6), Lisa Rodvien (District 6), and James Kitchin (District 7).

Maryland General Assembly candidates to attend include: Pam Beidle (Senate 32), Sarah Elfreth (Senate 30), Eve Hurwitz (Senate 33), Sandy Bartlett (Delegate 32), Pamela Luby (Delegate 33), and Tracie Hovermale (Delegate 33).

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