A Retired Army Officer’s Letter to County Exec Steve Schuh and Council Chair Michael Peroutka

Photo: Departmet of Defense

The following letter was sent by email to Steve Schuh, Michael Peroutka and all Republican members of the Anne Arundel County Council on Dec. 17, 2017. The content of the letter has not been edited by the Arundel Patriot. 

Anne Arundel County Executive Schuh and Mr. Peroutka:

I’d like to take this opportunity to explain why I am, after 39 years, switching my political affiliation to the Democratic Party.  As a citizen of Anne Arundel County for over 16 years and a retired U.S. Army Officer, I was appalled to learn that both you and Michael Peroutka supported Roy Moore during the Alabama Senate campaign, to include posing for photographs with Moore at a Michael Peroutka sponsored fundraiser in Severna Park.  Despite the fact that Roy Moore’s infatuation with children recently came to the forefront, you had to know that he was twice removed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama due to his total disregard for the law, along with his proclamation that Muslims shouldn’t serve in Congress, yet you still chose to support Moore. I think many Anne Arundel County Citizens would be very interested in hearing your explanation on this matter along with why you still support Michael Peroutka despite his documented association with Roy Moore and the “League of the South”.

As a Military Officer, I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Sir, and please remain focused on the word domestic, make no mistake that any support of a known racist and pedophile is counter to the Oath of a Commissioned Officer I took over 34 years ago. While I no longer wear the uniform of a U.S. Army Officer, I will continue to defend the Constitution of the United States, this time at the voting polls as a proud Democratic.  I implore you and Michael Peroutka to resign immediately – the citizens of Anne Arundel Counter deserve to be led by women and men of honor, not two men of dishonor.

-A retired military officer from Anne Arundel County Maryland.

Editor’s Note: The original email letter was signed by the author, however, we are not printing the author’s name publically by request of the author.

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