BOE Candidate Corkadel Cozy with Public Education-Hater Roy Moore at Severna Park Fundraiser

Religious Extremist (who is against public education) Judge Roy Moore at a September Severna Park Fundraiser. Seen here with County Employee for Constituant Services under Steve Schuh, who has just announced her candidacy to run for a seat on the Board of Education. County Executive Steve Schuh was also seen attending the fundraiser.

According to today’s Capital Gazette newspaper, Michelle Corkadel, a constituent services officer for County Executive Steve Schuh, filed today to run for election to the Anne Arundel County Board of Education for District 7.

Strange that Corkadel would want to sit on the board of our public schools, since just a few months ago, Corkadel appeared cozy with Alabama extremist and public education-hater Roy Moore. The two were snapped for a photo at a fundraiser for Moore by the event’s photographer and archived in a since-deleted photo album on Facebook.

Corkadel’s statements on her candidacy, reported in the Capital article today, said she will bring a “fiscally conservative” voice to the body, saying the school system needs to “drastically change the way local and state tax dollars are spent.”

What exactly does that mean? When someone pals around with the likes of Roy Moore, the only thing that “fiscally conservative” sounds like to me, is someone who wants to continue the path of de-funding public education to the point where there is nothing left for our children at all.

The last thing parents and students in Anne Arundel County need is someone on our Board of Education who would support a hate-filled anti-LGBT bigot, racist and religious extremist, who believes that a biblical law should supersede state and federal law.

Anne Arundel County needs less of these extremists like Corkadel, County Executive Steve Schuh, and County Council Chair Michael Peroutka. Both Schuh and Peroutka also appeared at the Severna Park fundraiser.

What we do need is robust funding for teachers and students. We need to be at the top of public schools in Maryland, not subject to the gutting of our schools by our embarrassingly fanatic elected officials.

The county elections for the Board of Education will be the first ever in the County. This year, districts 1,4,5 and 7 will be elected.

Get out and vote and make sure Corkadel stays as far away from making decisions about our teachers and children as possible.

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Vicky Bruce is an author, filmmaker and editor for the Arundel Patriot. 

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