County Executive Steve Schuh Wants Underpaid Teachers to Buy Discount Burgers at his Own Restaurants

County Executive Steve Schuh may not think our teachers need to be paid as well as other Maryland Counties, but he's happy to take what little they do have in exchange for a discount buffet.

County employees got some massive heartburn on Monday in the form of an email invite for discount food at Green Turtle restaurants in Anne Arundel County.

Sounds like a great thing, right? Except for the fact that our teachers, woefully underpaid in our very wealthy County, were being invited to spend their paltry pay in establishments owned by multi-millionaire County Executive Steve Schuh.

Here is the e-flyer and text of the email:

The email read:

Sent: Monday, February 12, 2018 1:10 PM

To: Employees

Subject: On Behalf of Partnerships, Development & Marketing: An Offer for ALL Employees!

Attached is a flyer detailing a new offer from The Greene Turtle that was negotiated for AACPS employees. Even though the flyer says “Teacher,” it is for ALL employees.

 The deal:  Beginning Wednesday, February 21, 2018, and running every Wednesday until further notice, the Greene Turtles in Pasadena, Gambrills, and Annapolis will be hosting “Teacher Appreciation Nights.” From 4 pm to 6 pm, there will be a free buffet for all employees. Beginning at 6 pm and running until 9 pm, all employees will receive 30% off of their checks. To take advantage of either or both specials, just show an AACPS ID.  Contact information follows for any questions/comments:

 Chuck Yocum, Senior Manager of Business and Community Partnerships 410-227-2268

Several teachers reached out to the APat and said that the thought of giving Steve Schuh any of their money made them want to gag, even with the generous 30% discount that the invite offered. Several gave the APat statements. All asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

One teacher said:

“I wouldn’t need a discount if I was paid a fair wage that honored my education, work, and experience. Fortunately, I love my students and I work for their gain but not for food. I guess the county exec thinks the ‘Will Work For Food’ sign belongs around the neck of employees who don’t make a decent wage.”

“It reminds me of the casinos that give you money to start gambling or coupons that say ‘free’. It’s just marketing. It gets people in the door so they spend more money. It’s another way to make money off an unsuspecting public. The fact that he chose teachers to market to shows how little he thinks of us and how stupid he thinks we are.”

Another high school teacher said:

“So the man screws us out of a living wage and then says, ‘Oh you poor things, here is some food and by the way, if you spend your hard earned money, I make more money!'”

One County Employee said:

“I thought that it was ironic that he is that he is offering a ‘teacher appreciation discount’ at his own restaurant. Although Steve Schuh doesn’t mention his name anywhere in an email sent to the AACPS community, the Green Turtle and their bad food and service says Steve Schuh all over it.”

He continued, “I guess I am just noticing the sudden interest in pleasing the county teachers at the same time as avoiding paying them what they deserve. Just in time to warm up for an election.”

While Schuh claims to have no involvement in the management decisions of his restaurants, he is still an owner of all three restaurants in Annapolis, Gambrills, and Pasadena, as he reported in his 2018 financial disclosure statement filed with the County ethics department. Derek Fink, a County councilman from District 3, is also an owner. Schuh also owns Blackwall Hitch Restaurants in Annapolis and elsewhere.

Vicky Bruce is an author, filmmaker, and editor of Arundel Patriot.

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