The Dangerous Extremism of County Executive Steve Schuh

Steve Schuh has shown his true extremist colors backing religious extremists and public school-hating candidates. It's time for Schuh to go.

While multi-millionaire County Executive Steve Schuh does his best to appear mainstream, his extremist views are unraveling our public schools and the very foundation of our County.

A few months back, it came as a shock to many that Steve Schuh appeared in photos grinning and wrapping his arm around religious extremist Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore at a Severna Park fundraiser.

After that party, Moore, cashed Schuh’s $1,000 donation to his senate campaign.

When the Arundel Patriot reported Schuh’s donation to Moore, many county residents were aghast.

How could our County Executive, who recently rolled out a bogus anti-hate initiative after multiple hate-related incidents in county schools, embrace Alabama’s most notorious and nasty bigot? Why would he spend his money trying to put that kind of hate into the United States Senate?

Apparently, Steve Schuh was A-okay and happy to support Moore’s hatred and extremism.

But once Schuh was exposed for donating to his campaign, Schuh claimed to the Capital he asked for a refund, but ignored The Arundel Patriot’s request for evidence of such.

Citizens in Anne Arundel Country may also be horrified to learn that Steve Schuh is the top donor to white supremacist and religious extremist County Council Chair Michael Peroutka’s 2018 re-election campaign. Schuh also recently headlined a high-dollar donor event at an Anne Arundel country club for Chairman Peroutka.

Schuh was Peroutka’s top donor in 2017. Source is MD Campaign Reporting Information System.

This is terrifying.

Why would Schuh, the executive officer who was elected to be in charge of county schools, financially back Peroutka who calls public schools a “culture of death” and pushes for all children to be home-schooled?

Not only is Steve Schuh on board to get Peroutka re-elected, Schuh also chose to take a class at Peroutka’s biblical brain-washing organization, The Institute on the Constitution. The Institute is a terrifying cult where grownups—and even more disturbing—young children, are brainwashed by nut jobs who believe biblical law should supersede state law and the Constitution.

Thanks to Steve Schuh, and for sure driven by his deep connections to the hate mongers and anti-government religious extremists, Anne Arundel County Schools have dropped near the bottom in funding compared to all other schools in the state.

While Steve Schuh starves teachers, students are 50 to a class, and firefighters are told there’s just no money for a fully staffed firehouse, he gives a $30 million tax break to a casino and hands out land to developers like he was given it personally by King George.

We need to put an end to this insanity.

Steve Schuh and Michael Peroutka are the Taliban in ties; insidiously undermining the very social fabric that ties us together and makes Anne Arundel County a wonderful place to live.

Thankfully, in November of this year, we have the chance to rid ourselves of the hate-driven tag-team that is Michael Peroutka and Steve Schuh and put an end to this eight-year-long nightmare.

Vicky Bruce is an author, filmmaker and editor for the Arundel Patriot.

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