Mike Rogers, Candidate for Delegate, District 32: Answering the Call to Community

Mike Rogers is a Democratic candidate for Delegate in District 32

Retired Army Colonel Mike Rogers has thrown his name in the hat for the Democratic nomination to the Maryland House of Delegates, District 32, in what has become a robust field. Rogers, a 29-year career army officer, has made Anne Arundel County his home for the past 15 years. In that time he has been active in the community, serving in positions ranging from Director on the Board of the Russet Community Home Owners Association to President of the Meade High School PTSA and Coach for Severn Athletic Club football program.  His children, Jared and Michelle Rogers, are helping dad with the campaign, a teachable moment Mike is using to model the importance of community and civic activism. Michelle is a proud 2015 graduate of Meade High School and is currently a senior at George Mason University.  Jared is currently a junior and honor roll student at Meade High School.

Like many Americans, Mike has become frustrated with the partisan politics and lack of leadership exhibited by many elected officials in the current political process. Like many veterans, Mike has been trained to view challenges as opportunities. Instead of running from challenges, he is running towards one of the greatest challenges of his professional career, eager to lend his determination and expertise to improving District 32 for families, businesses and veterans such as himself.

Most recently, Mike is serving as a board member of the 350,000-member Military Officers Association of America.  He has advocated for legislation being debated in Congress as well as the State House in Annapolis that will make military retirement pay tax-exempt in a phased approach over three years. The legislation would pay for itself by attracting more retirees to stay in Maryland as opposed to retiring to other states where their military retirement is already tax exempt.

Mike is a true grass-roots candidate. He spent some of his formative years growing up in an affordable housing complex in neighboring Prince George’s County’s Walker Mill Gardens in District Heights.  Mike is a man of faith and member of St. Mary of the Mills Catholic Church. He credits his faith, work ethic, and commitment to education as his keys to overcoming his humble beginnings to rising to a place of prominence in the community. Mike believes strongly in the notion that “it takes a village to raise a child” and is committed to making District 32 the strongest, most flourishing village it can be. Mike is a staunch supporter of public education. He understands that it takes money to make money and supports paying teachers a living wage. Learn more about Mike and how you can help support his campaign, “Education, Economy, Community, and Country (E2C2)” at his website:  http://www.votemikerogers.com.

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