Maryland League of Conservation Voters Local Chapter Endorses in Anne Arundel County Executive Race and in Council District 6

Steuart Pittman "knocked it out of the park" at last week's County Executive debate. Photo from website.

Today the Anne Arundel County Chapter of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV Anne Arundel County Chapter) announced its endorsement of Steuart Pittman for Anne Arundel County Executive.

“Steuart Pittman has elevated the importance of environmental issues in his campaign above that of any county executive or candidate for county executive in recent memory,” said Anne Arundel Chapter Co-chair Kincey Potter in announcing the endorsement.

The character and pace of development are likely to be major issues in this election. “Steuart Pittman is committed to broader public participation in the planning process and enhanced enforcement of existing rules. Steuart will work to make sure that development does not outpace the infrastructure necessary to support it. He will work to strengthen forest conservation rules and our stormwater remediation program, preserve open space and expand public water access. He will continue to build bridges between agriculture, suburban, and urban interests,” added Chapter Co-chair Bob Gallagher.

Scott MacMullan, candidate for County Council District 6, received the Anne Arundel County LCV’s endorsement. Photo by Peter Cane photography

The Anne Arundel County Chapter of Maryland LCV also announced its endorsement of Scott MacMullan for Anne Arundel County Council District 6.

“Scott is a long-time advocate for our environment and has managed the unique accomplishment of effectively combining his advocacy for environmental protection with his campaign for District 6” said Gallagher.

“We expect Scott to work closely with our other endorsees through the development of the county’s next General Development Plan and comprehensive rezoning and to strengthen the stormwater programs, improve enforcement of environmental laws and other Maryland LCV priorities” added Potter.

Endorsements are based on the candidates’ responses to detailed questionnaires, interviews conducted with the candidates, candidates’ past positions on environmental issues and consultation with other conservation leaders and organizations.

The Anne Arundel Chapter believes that polluted waterways and increasing development pressures in Anne Arundel County make it imperative that voters elect candidates who understand the public health and economic importance of a clean environment. The endorsements are one way to educate the public about these issues.

For additional information about the Steering Committee, visit

Danielle Lipinski is a member of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.
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