Do you live in District 31? Vote for Scott Harman for State Senate

Scott Harman, right, candidate for Senate D31, speaks with the director of the Magothy Health Center about its services and future.

If you live in State Legislative District 31 (the northeastern part of the county, from Brooklyn Park to parts of Severna Park to Riviera Beach), be sure to vote.  This is your opportunity to replace the incumbent, Bryan Simonaire, with someone whose values are much more in sync with most Patriot readers–Scott Harman.

Simonaire has been in the Senate since 2006.  During that time, he has voted solidly against progressive values.

Guns:  He voted against the landmark gun control legislation of 2013 that required sellers of handguns to do background checks and prohibited certain rapid fire firearms and assault rifles.  And this year, he voted AGAINST the red flag law. The NRA has rewarded him with an A rating.

Worker rights: He voted against the Family Leave bill, against increasing the minimum wage, against ensuring prevailing wage is paid in contracts with substantial state funding, and against bills that support unions.

Social issues: He voted against forbidding discrimination based on gender identity, against a ban on sex conversion therapy, against reducing penalties for marijuana possession, and against allowing felons to vote while on parole.

Overcoming Trump policies:  There were several initiatives in the Assembly in 2018 to enable Maryland to pursue progressive policies regardless of federal initiatives to stop them. Simonaire voted against them all. They included legislation to support family planning services on expectation that Trump would eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, and a joint resolution allowing the Attorney General to sue the Federal Government without first receiving a go-ahead from the Governor when immediate action was needed.

Fortunately, all of these bills passed despite Simonaire’s vote.

Is this the person you want representing you in Maryland’s Senate?

If not, then consider Scott Harman.  Scott is running to represent ALL of District 31’s residents, and to make sure that the legislation affecting them is right and fair.  His priorities are these:

Jobs:  He will work on legislation to create partnerships with local businesses to arrange training and then jobs for those who currently lack the skills needed in the marketplace.

Education:  He will fight to make sure the resources are provided that are needed for more teachers and school improvements, and to reduce pay disparity.

Public Safety:  He will seek solutions to problems of violence and drug addiction through improved law enforcement and better access to community services. Currently the number of police and firefighters in his district is below state minimums and has been declining of years.  He will work with other State and County officials to ensure that his district is properly staffed with police and fire fighters.

Transportation: Scott will work to add public transportation so that it reaches from rural to urban locations, giving our work force more access to jobs while eliminating congestion throughout the state.

Affordable Housing:  He will address the housing issues for those who have no good housing options, including both transient moderate-income residents like military, and lower-income families who face deplorable condition from lack of oversight.  

He promises accountability:  being readily accessible and transparent to his constituents.

Scott is a life-long Marylander and a veteran.  Currently a safety director for a major construction firm, he has worked in the construction industry for 35 years, so he understands the concerns of working people. He has always been active in his community – as a volunteer fireman, an umpire for softball leagues for all age groups, and now as President of the Roland Terrace Democratic Club.  His wife of 29 years is a native of Brooklyn Park and his two grown children attended public school in District 31.

Vote for Scott.  Vote today.

The author is Scott Harman’s campaign manager.

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