A Mother’s Perspective on Steve Schuh

Photo from www.steveschuh.com

My name is Diane Neuman. My daughter is former Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman. During the 2014 primary election campaign, I was used by Steve Schuh to attack my daughter’s character while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Laura’s life story was an important part of her campaign. Voters were inspired by her journey from high school drop-out and rape survivor to successful business leader. Steve Schuh contacted me and the conversation quickly turned to him questioning me on the opposition research he had done on my daughter. He promised to keep the conversation private, but in a public forum, he subsequently distorted what I had said, in an attempt to sow doubt about Laura’s candor and character. They even tried to cast doubts about my daughter’s rape.

It was part of a concerted effort to tear down my daughter, personally and professionally. When I think back on that time, I am disturbed to have been used by them as a part of it. I am proud of the leader Laura has become and admire the way she has overcome obstacles to achieve success.

Steve Schuh showed his true character during the 2014 campaign, and he is showing it again now. Schuh’s character then as now is unbecoming of a County Executive. The people of Anne Arundel County should expect, and deserve, better.

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