Call to Action: Annapolis Climate Strike


Annapolis area – you and adult allies join together to call action upon the climate crisis.

[ANNAPOLIS, MD] On September 20th, 2019, student activists are leading a march and rally to protest the inaction of lawmakers on the rapidly deteriorating state of the climate. It will take place during school hours to collaborate with international protestors striking school. The rally is being organized by student activists Ella Moulsdale, Emma Seiss, and Caroline Smith from Severna Park High School and Ella Iams from Severn School.

One purpose of this movement is to stress the urgency of decisive action in the face of climate change: “Climate change does not wait for school to get out and neither do we,” said Iams. The movement also reflects the important role that youth activists have taken to reclaim a future being taken from them. The strikes are led by youth activists and supported by adult allies. Seiss said, “The state of the climate is deteriorating with each passing day. This is an emergency. We are fighting for our future and we would love for everyone to join us.”

The event will begin at Whitmore Park at 11 am. Protestors will march to the Alex Haley Memorial. There will then be a die-in where protestors sit/lie down for 10 minutes to represent the 10 years left until damage to the climate is irreversible. There will be several youth speakers at this location.

The youth-led organization the Future Coalition has been spearheading the organization effort of these strikes throughout the United States. Future Coalition describes the strike movement as “an intergenerational, intersectional effort which will result in a range of events taking place across the country. Led by the youth climate strikers, people will walk out of school and work to join mass marches and rallies, to music concerts, sit-ins and nonviolent direct action.” You can learn more at March On Maryland is a sponsor for the Future Coalition as well as the Annapolis Strike.

The strikes are also being led across the world by the Fridays For Future movement created by Swedish youth activist Greta Thunberg. Students around the world have been striking school every Friday for months. This is the first of many strikes the students are planning.

The Amazon Rainforest is burning. Climate change is causing harsh weather. The damage humans have done to the earth will be irreversible in 10 years and 5 months according to the UN Global Science Report (2017).

Join on us on September 20 to fight for our future.

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