Peaceful Protest in Edgewater is Well-Attended

BLM protests have occurred across Anne Arundel County in 2020

Today, one week after the principal at South River High School sent a letter to school families alerting them to “disturbing,” “horrific,” “racist,” and “hate-filled” social media posts made by SRHS students, almost 200 people from Edgewater and the surrounding area gathered in Edgewater, Maryland, to promote and offer action and support for the Black Lives Matter activist movement.

The group, which included toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults, of all colors, initially gathered on Route 2, across from the Giant shopping center, then walked to Mayo Rd, and on to the Southern District Anne Arundel County police station on Stepney’s Lane. Throughout the walk, there was a cacophony of horns honking in support along Route 2 and shouts of encouragement.

People of all sorts gathered today.

Once at the police station, approximately 20-25 people spoke of their own experiences within this community as well as others, both good and bad, and expressed their support and desire to make change happen.

One of the speakers.

Several speakers also encouraged parents of SRHS students to pressure the school administration to use the recent incidents to open the dialogue that needs to happen within the larger community about racism and to provide resources to students to help them identify and address racist speech and actions.

The cycle can be broken.

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