Police Chief’s Resignation is a Good First Step Toward Reforming Police.


This week Anne Arundel County citizens witnessed the sudden resignation of AACO Police Chief Tim Altomare. Let’s be clear: He is resigning because he doesn’t want to be involved in police reform. I wonder if members of the Pittman Administration had actually had a chance to read Altomare’s reason for resigning before they fell all over themselves congratulating and thanking him. How does someone whose mentality seemingly shaped by popular warrior training (“We are the sheep dog and removing the teeth lets the wolves come.”) find a home in a Democratic administration?

As you read the Chief’s full statement in the Capital, (link below), please keep the following points in mind which were posted on Facebook by a Pasadena resident, Susanne Denise. She expresses perfectly what was missing and offensive about his statement:

“It’s not a thank you, it’s a defensive response stemming from his white fragility. Evidence:

*He quotes a black person’s comment that seems to agree with his views.

*He points out his respect for coworkers that are POC.

*He expresses his belief that violence is ramping up because people are talking about race, not because people are sick of being oppressed and are traumatized by a lack of hope for change, intensified by a pandemic causing loss of life and livelyhood, and an openly racist president.

*He believes in a person’s right to protest, as long as it isn’t referring to anything related to him.

*He states that criminal behavior should be punished, even when it’s by a police officer, but he doesn’t think there is a need to prevent it with systemic evaluation and action.”

I hope the County Executive does the right thing and carefully vets the next police chief rather than be influenced by GOP-leaning pro-police members of his inner cabinet choosing someone who does not subscribe to the warrior “us versus them” mentality.


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Sharon Blugis is a local Anne Arundel County activist and former AA County employee. She and her husband live in Annapolis.

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