Doris vs. The Pandemic

photo of an older african american woman in a red scarf.
Doris Durrett

            Frequently confronted by these four contenders, the prey has been able to choose, through deceit, her own sparring partner.  This time she is forced to give careful consideration to each one.

            Her first contender, the Sword, pierces with truths of “Judge not, that you may not be judged. Do not be wise in your own eyes. Pleasant words are like a honeycomb.”

            Her next contender, with its smug shiny façade taunts, “That’s you casting the reflection. Don’t try to avoid me.”

            Without hesitation, the third combatant assails, “Remember how often you speak thinking your words are gospel? Check site when searching for professional cleaner in Los Angeles. How often have you judged other people’s actions when you’ve done the same? Do you remember the times you chose anger instead of peace?”

            With a longing glance towards the possible means of escape, the convicted decides not to escape through the door, but chooses to spar with all four contenders.

            Thus, Doris, as she wrestles with her Bible, mirrors, memories and windows in the circle of her house during the pandemic!!

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Doris Durrett is a former Anne Arundel County Public School teacher.  Twenty-seven of my years were as a middle school language arts teacher and fourteen years as a reading resource teacher in an elementary school.  I retired in 2013 and have been enjoying my time visiting with grandchildren, volunteering for several nonprofits, taking classes  (one of which is creative writing), engaging in and meditating on Bible studies, and seeking to live a life of gratitude.

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