Circle of Light

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Image by sulox32 - Pixabay

Gently moving into the warm pool on a cold January afternoon

Tense muscles relaxing in the buoyant water.

Weightlessness, bringing healing relief.

Sun streaming in through the skylight

Movement of other swimmers making gentle ripples that sparkle in the sun.

In the circle of light.

Wanting to reach that light, slowly swimming to capture the brightness.

To be part of that brightness.

Finally reaching it.

Smiling and peaceful

Finding my place

In the circle of light.

Joining with others in that precious space.

Spirit lifted by others who come to heal their bodies and probably their spirits.

Finding relief and hope

In the circle of light.

Bathing suits exposing visible scars and weaknesses.

Skin encasing physical and emotional wear and tear.

Rejoicing in being alive

In the circle of light.

Sharing diagnoses, treatment plans as well as life’s passages.

Welcoming newcomers into the circle.

Making connections

In the circle of light.

Days have piled up as my body healed and renewed.

Not wanting this to end and to return to work.

Finding this style of life has made me wonder,

Working numbers in my head; income and expenses.

Tempting to hold fast to this freedom from 45 years of schedules and to-do lists

With little time to take care of me.

Needing to access the creative side of my mind,

To give voice to my experiences and my memories

To make sense of this life.

To prepare for what is to come.

Looking upward, almost blinded by the sunlight, the water aglow

Moving gently in the warm water

Into the circle of light.

I can do this.

I have choices.

I can retire…….

Gloria retired after a 49 years career as a speech-language pathologist in both education and health care settings.  She is finding her writing voice and a writing community in AACC classes.

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