Two In-Person AA County Private Schools Quietly Deal with Covid-19 Cases in First Weeks of Reopening

Photo Credit: Janice Hayes-Williams of Severn, Maryland

The Annapolis Area Christian Upper School in Severn, Maryland, has been closed for two weeks after administrators said they had a case of coronavirus among the school population. It is set to re-open today after required extensive cleaning procedures, according to school officials.

The school had been operating at 100% in-person capacity.

Key School, in the Hillsmere neighborhood of Annapolis, also had a positive coronavirus case among its population which they announced by email to families of Key students on September 30. However, parents were given few details, citing HIPAA laws, and asked not to reach out to faculty to learn more. Key School has been operating on a limited in-person schedule for parents and students who opt-in with the choice to attend fully online.

Neither school made public announcements about the cases of the virus on their campuses, and the county does not report on private school matters.

Key School email sent to parents of children who were not exposed:

Dear Key Families,

This letter is to inform you that an individual in the Key community has tested positive for COVID-19. Key School has already notified all individuals who are impacted by this case and they are following the necessary protocols. The School is in close contact with the Anne Arundel County Health Department and is following all of their guidance.

It has been determined by the School and the Anne Arundel County Health Department that your child was NOT in close contact with the affected individual and there is nothing that you or your family has to do as a result of this case. If there was anything you or your family needed to do as a result of this case, you would already have been notified by Key’s Health Office.

We are sharing this information in an effort to maintain transparent lines of communication with the Key community. As explained in August there are limits to the details we are able to provide. Please do not reach out to members of Key’s faculty and staff or Key’s Health Office with questions about this case or for additional information; per HIPAA confidentiality guidelines, we cannot share any further information with you. 


Katie Anderson

School Nurse

Matthew Nespole

Head of School

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