Deale Community to March


A peaceful protest supporting Black lives

[Deale, MD, October 24] – Community members of all kinds will gather on Saturday, October 24th at 12-2 pm to march in support of Black lives in South County and all across the United States. This peaceful event follows a successful event held in August in Shady Side, as well as anti-BLM comments made by members of the community, including a lifetime member of the Deale Fire Department. There will be a police escort for the marchers.

The importance of the march is underscored by the recent reporting by the Maryland State Police that ranks Anne Arundel County as the second highest county in Maryland in hate crimes in 2019. These numbers have increased steadily over the past 5 years, setting an alarming trend for Black, and indeed, all county residents.

“Deale, Maryland’s Black Lives Matter protest on Saturday [October 24] is a clarion call for people of goodwill to dramatize the fact that hate has no place in our country. I urge the community to support this event.” Event speaker, Carl Snowden, on behalf of the Caucus of African-American Leaders.

Speakers of the event will include Carl Snowden, Ron Lee and CJ Meushaw. The event was finalized after much consultation with county police officers, who will be attending the event and providing an escort for the march to ensure the safety of all involved. 

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