Reflections After Nine Months of Covid-19

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Waking up and orienting myself to day, month, year

As I have done every day since the start of this withdrawal

From life as we knew it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020; cool and cloudy

Wednesday, March 11 was also cool and cloudy.

Entering spring; now entering winter.

Nine months since that last in-person writing class

Not realizing that the temporary cancelling of the Senior Center classes

Would morph into an online writing community.

Nine months, the length of a pregnancy leading to a birth

An uncharted territory with adjustments.

Our Pandemic Pregnancy is in a time of greater social change.

An election with an obvious winner; bringing hope

Contested at every turn by the Party of Trump.

Yearning for a brighter future; but watching it at a distance.

The birth process of a government under Biden and Harris is stuck,

But each announcement of an appointment or a plan

Brings hope for leadership that is fair, equitable and caring.

Covid-19 Pandemic and Trump Administration go hand in hand.

Both dragging us down.

We want better, we want this chaos to end.

So, today, December 9, 2020

Our writing family will meet on zoom

Sharing our faces, our voices, our hopes.

This governmental chaos must end.

So that Biden-Harris can begin.

But despite that, our writing will always continue.

Gloria retired after a 49 years career as a speech-language pathologist in both education and health care settings.  She is finding her writing voice and a writing community in AACC classes.

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