Keanuú Smith-Brown Announces for Ward 3 Annapolis City Council Race

Annapolis, MD (February 8, 2021), Today, Keanuú Smith-Brown announced his candidacy for the Ward 3 aldermanic seat on the Annapolis City Council.

“Today, on February 8th, 2021, I, Keanuú Robert Edward Smith-Brown, named after my late grandfather, Robert Edward Smith, am announcing my candidacy for Alderman of Ward 3 on the Annapolis City Council.” Smith-Brown said, “Primary Election Day is on September 21, 2021, with polls opening between 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM, and I ask for your vote.“

Smith-Brown made the announcement while standing in front of the Dr. Aris T. Allen Statue, accompanied by friends, family, and supporters. Dr. Allen was the first black person to run for a Maryland statewide office. 

Smith-Brown is the eldest of six siblings and a first-generation college graduate. He was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and raised by his mother, Tameka Smith, in the communities of Admiral Farragut, Eastport Terrace, and Admiral Oaks. Witnessing years of idleness in Annapolis, Keanuú sees an urgent and dire need for purposeful leadership and rooted substantive change in our city and Ward 3.

“While some try to halt the progress of others based on demographics, we must fulfill our callings and uplift those who are falling, strengthen and defend — not prosecute and pretend. Pretend, as if we do not bear witness to an abundance of diversity across Ward 3, our city, and not forgetting those homeless on the streets.” Smith-Brown said. “To our teachers, our service providers, and those idled as consumers, our business owners, clergy members, and government officials, those within Ward 3, Annapolis City, and beyond, we all must come together and keep to the promise of our ancestors and humanity. I believe, notwithstanding the burdens and trials we face, the time has come to save our families, finances, and future.”

To learn more about Keanuú Smith-Brown and his campaign, including how to donate and volunteer, please visit

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