Current and Former Elected Officials Endorse Peter Franchot for Governor

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is running for Maryland Governor

Annapolis, MD – Today the Franchot for Governor Campaign released a list of 112 current and former elected officials who have thrown their support behind Peter Franchot for Governor of Maryland in the 2022 election. 

Below are examples of quotes from his endorsers:

Delegate J. Sandy Bartlett of Anne Arundel County: “After seeing over a year of the mishandling of UI claims, to the point of inability to answer the phone for people on the brink of desperation, yet still being told by the current administration how well the UI system works, I am more than ready to have a Governor who is effective, efficient, personable and willing to put Marylanders in the best position to enjoy the opportunities of this beautifully diverse state! That’s Peter Franchot!” 

Delegate Pam Queen of Montgomery County: “Peter Franchot is uniquely qualified to be the next Governor with his 15 years on the Board of Public Works and his 20 years in the House of Delegates. I look forward to an inspiring and inclusive government under his leadership.” 

County Councilman Kai Hagan of Frederick County: ““For a number of compelling reasons well beyond my conviction that he would be a very strong general election candidate, I am – and have been for a while – on board with Maryland State Comptroller Peter Franchot. In many races, I am cautious about endorsing any candidate before I know more about who else might run. Not this time. The fact that we really must win this race, and that I believe Peter would be a strong candidate AND a great governor, has had me in his corner for more than a year already.”

County Councilman Andre Johnson of Harford County: “I appreciate the Comptroller taking on this huge responsibility and look forward to supporting him in all his endeavors.”

Sheriff Jay Fisher of Baltimore County: “A watchdog for our money, he has done a fantastic job as Comptroller.”

Register of Wills Byron MacFarlane of Howard County: “Peter Franchot will be a fiercely independent governor, who will do what he’s always done – challenge the status quo to fight for a brighter and fairer future for all Marylanders.”

Register of Wills Cereta Lee of Prince George’s County: “I think he will be great as Governor.”

Mayor Jake Day of Salisbury: “I am proud to endorse Peter Franchot for Governor of Maryland. I have admired Peter for many years as he transcended politics in the name of a better Maryland for every one of her proud sons and daughters. Peter has elevated the Comptroller’s office to a finely-tuned organization. I am in awe of his continuous insistence on a government that is both supremely competent and always responsive to its citizens. Peter has been fearless in confronting unfair treatment of Maryland small businesses, confronting structural barriers to opportunity, and ensuring that no part of our beloved state goes unseen or unheard. I recognize in Peter, a fellow Soldier’s tenacity. Maryland needs that. As I transition back into my job as Mayor, I look forward to working with Governor Franchot to ensure Maryland cities, towns, farms and families benefit from his vigorous commitment to a rising Maryland for us all.” 

During his time in office, Peter Franchot has visited every community across the state, from Accident to Crisfield and every zip code in between, including thousands of small businesses. He has built an unparalleled collection of relationships with state and local leaders from all 23 Maryland counties and Baltimore City. Franchot is uniquely qualified to understand their needs, maintain their trust, and work hand-in-hand to ensure each of their communities recovers fully from the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Noting this outpouring of support, Franchot said “I’m grateful for the friendship and trust of these hardworking public servants. Learn more about banking for cannabis industry through our cloud-based software here. As governor, I will work for all of Maryland and ensure no one gets left behind. Together we’ll deliver bold solutions to the challenges we face and raise Maryland’s expectations for what a competent government can achieve, and what our people deserve. ”

About Peter Franchot: Franchot currently serves as Maryland’s comptroller and received more votes for his 2018 re-election than any other candidate for statewide office in Maryland’s history. A veteran of the United States Army and Maryland’s House of Delegates, as well as former staff director for then-Congressman, now U.S. Senator Ed Markey, Franchot has led the comptroller’s office to #1 in the nation for efficiency in the distribution of its more than three million tax refunds worth more than $3 billion per year with an average turn around of 2.5 days. His office recently showcased its efficiency by distributing 98% of the Covid RELIEF Act stimulus funds — more than 422,000 payments totalling $175 million — within just one week of the bill’s passage.

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