Maryland General Assembly Scores Well After Landmark Climate Bill 

Delegate Sara Love D16 (l) and Senator Sarah Elfreth D30(r) each have 100% lifetime ratings from the Maryland League of Conservation Voters.

– Eight Senators, 13 Delegates also recognized as “Green Champions”

Annapolis, MD — After a session highlighted by the passage of the nation’s strongest state-wide climate legislation, the Maryland General Assembly received high scores in the new report card issued by the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV). 

Maryland LCV’s legislative 2022 Environmental Scorecard  assesses the performance of each of the legislative chambers and also gives individual scores to all legislators based on their votes or inaction on priority environmental issues over the past year’s legislative session. The organization timed the release of the Scorecard with the first day of early voting in Maryland to help guide voters as they head to the polls. 

The 2022 report’s overall scores for the general assembly chambers were positive: “A” for Climate and Energy Policy; “A-” for Land and Water Conservation; “B+” for Transportation; and “B” for Environmental Justice. 

The passage of the Climate Solutions Now Act (SB528) – which sets aggressive goals for Maryland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent by 2031 and to reach net-zero emissions by 2045 – was not the session’s only highpoint, according to Maryland LCV. 

“In addition to the country’s most significant climate legislation, the General Assembly passed a number of other bills that promise a cleaner, more equitable future for Maryland,” said Maryland LCV Executive Director Kim Coble. “A new solar energy tax credit, for example, will make these projects more accessible to low- and middle-income households, and an electric school bus pilot program will protect school children and our communities from polluting diesel buses by bringing electric buses to more school districts.” 

The full Environmental Scorecard also gives scores to individual legislators and breaks out their votes for each of the state’s regions. 

“The General Assembly did tremendous work this year, and the large number of perfect scores shows the commitment of members of both the House and Senate to bold climate and justice policy,” said Coble. “Although we succeeded in passing Climate Solutions Now, our work is far from over. In fact, in light of the recent Supreme Court rulings, the work of state legislatures has never been more important. We create this report so we can both hold elected officials accountable for their votes and provide Marylanders with information to make informed voting decisions.” 

The 2022 election cycle, added Coble, is crucial because for the first time in 75 years, there are no incumbents for any of the three state-wide offices. Maryland’s next governor will play a key role in implementing the state’s new climate legislation and redistricting provides opportunities to elect strong candidates across the board to promote climate and environmental justice, and the Attorney General and Comptroller will both also have important roles in the implementation and enforcement of these laws

Maryland LCV has endorsed Wes Moore for Governor, Katie O’Malley for Attorney General, and Brooke Lierman for Comptroller. The group’s full list of endorsed candidates is listed at Elections – Maryland League of Conservation Voters (

In the 2022 Environmental Scorecard, Maryland LCV also recognized eight senators and 13 delegates as “Green Champions” based on serving as a leader on key environmental legislation,  high lifetime scores from Maryland LCV, and 100% scores for the most recent session. “This is our largest and most diverse group of green champions,” said Coble, which reflects the commitment of so many members to take a true leadership role in protecting Maryland’s air, land, and water.” 

Maryland LCV’s 2022 Environmental Scorecard can be viewed at Maryland LCV’s website at  

Maryland LCV’s 2022 Legislative Environmental Scorecard summary data: 

Issue areaGrade
Climate & Energy PolicyA
Environmental JusticeB
Land & Water ConservationA-

2022 Green Champions, Senate:

MD LCV Lifetime Score MD LCV 2022 Score
Sarah Elfreth100%100%
Guy Guzzone 97%100%
Ben Kramer 96%100%
Clarence Lam100%100%
Cory McCray96%100%
Paul Pinsky100%100%
Will Smith 98%100%
Craig Zucker97%100%

2022 Green Champions, House:

MD LCV Lifetime ScoreMD LCV 2022 Score
Kumar Barve94%100%
Tony Bridges96%100%
Wanika Fisher96%100%
David Fraser-Hildago98%100%
Terri Hill98%100%
Marc Korman98%100%
Brooke Lierman98%100%
Sara Love100%100%
Sandy Rosenberg94%100%
Sheila Ruth95%100%
Stephanie Smith96%100%
Dana Stein 94%100%
Vaughn Stewart97%100%


Maryland League of Conservation Voters is a state-wide, nonpartisan organization that uses political action and education to protect our  land, air, water and communities. The organization is known for educating lawmakers and holding them accountable for their leadership and votes on key environmental issues. Maryland LCV’s annual scorecard, along with their other reports, help inform voters about their legislators’ records.

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