The Hair-Brained Campaign of Jessica Haire

Jessica Haire YouTube Channel

Republicans around the county have all but thrown in the towel on their candidate for County Executive, Jessica Haire, current councilwoman from District 7. Hoping to gain traction with republicans licking their chops for tax discounts for the rich, cutting down every last tree for commercial development, and more money for cops to protect their money and commercial developments (paying for cops without tax money, apparently), Haire lent her campaign $500,000 and has blown through most of it.

With giant eyesore signs placed on public roads (roads paid for by tax money we might add) and endless Facebook ads clogging your feed like a giant turd, she appears to have gained zero traction outside of a few diehard republican women who have Chardonnay parties and talk about taking away women’s rights and how scary things are with all the immigrants.

When blaming Steuart Pittman for the price of gasoline didn’t stick, her feckless campaign team pivoted back to taxes taxes taxes. By her cocktail party fundraiser posts, you can tell how hard she and her friends have it with the 0.9 percent (lower than the national average) property tax. Life in the Yacht Club is not what it used to be before Pittman ruined EVERYTHING.

Haire loves the police, and we see why. She looks exactly like the type of woman who has gotten a “warning” for every time she’s been stopped for doing 70 in a 45 by a traffic cop.

Unfortunately, this same look doesn’t transfer when Haire is trying to scare voters into voting for her ALL COPS NO TAX agenda. She looks spot on when visiting “teacher drives” for schools where people are supposed to come and donate to teachers (rather than teachers getting paid and having adequate supplies with our tax budget).

Anne Arundel County isn’t too fond of blonde republican women in the County Executive seat. Completely annoying self-made (she’ll tell you her story until you want to drop dead) businesswoman Laura Neuman replaced the back-seat lothario John Leopold who got ousted for having his security detail keep a look out (and drain his pee-bag) while he got down and dirty on government time. Newman couldn’t even win the primary against a super unlikable Steve Schuh.

Like racism, sexism is rampant in the republican party, even for those women who profess to hate immigrants and love unborn fetuses (but hate baby immigrants). Herb McMillian republicans despise Haire and called her out as a RINO which is some sort of slant on people who aren’t in bed with the new republican movement of Trump, Alex Jones and Gary Busey.

November is right around the corner, and this contest for County Executive has already turned into a big snooze fest.

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