NAACP Members Press Seek to Remove Anne Arundel County NAACP President for Anti-LGBTQ & Misogynistic Views

Rev. Ricky Nelson Jones, Anne Arundel County Chapter president of the NAACP.

A group of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) members, activists and community leaders as of 10/19/2023, have sent a complaint requesting that the National President Derrick Johnson take immediate action, citing current and ongoing harm to community, to remove Anne Arundel County NAACP President Rickey Nelson Jones, Esq. from the office of President.

In the By-laws this request falls under “Article X for Expulsion, Suspension or Removal of Officers and Members ..,” that upon satisfactory evidence that an officer or member .. is guilty of conduct not in accord with the principles, aims and purposes of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, as set forth in its Constitution, .., or is found guilty of conduct inimical to the best interests of the” National Association for the Advancement of Colored People..” Jones can be removed. Therefore, for the following reasons his immediate removal is requested.

The Trevor Project estimates there are 1.8 million LGBTQ youth, ages 13 to 24 in the United States, have seriously considered suicide, and at least one attempts suicide every 45 seconds… Yet, Jones’ written and spoken rhetoric, convictions and/or opinions against the LGBTQ community can be considered mentally and emotionally damaging as well as an affront. We allege that they are homophobic in nature, conflict with the overall mission of the NAACP, and are in conflict with the Supreme Court granting same sex couples the right to marry. Jones authored a book in 2008, but allegedly revised that same book in April of 2023 after his election to office. In his book Jones wrote “When there is NO preaching condemning homosexuality as an abomination to GOD, leading the participants to hell .. they are comfortable because they practice homosexuality”. There is also a video of him preaching that gay couples that adopt children are going to hell. See 45 second video link .

Jones’ publicly written convictions and/or opinions in reference to women, as well as his alleged verbal offenses, are an affront to women, and are in conflict with the overall mission and wellbeing of the NAACP and women. He has allegedly disrespected several community women leaders, questioning their integrity. One leader “..alleges that Jones exhibited sexist behaviors towards her telling her in writing in 2019 that she had an “inability to properly communicate with a Man (especially a Man of GOD..)” S. Warren wrote From my observation Reverend Jones was very disrespectful and dismissive of their interaction as well as other female members of the Caucus.” In Jones book he wrote that in households without a man a woman cannot function properly and the children are confused.

In the complaint filed today Jones is also accused of allegedly running the organization like a dictator. Allegedly causing several elected members to resign or flee. In addition, the complaint alleges he has violated multiple NAACP state bylaws including that of Article VII (c) where as President, when he exercises his “general executive authority” it is subject to approval by the Executive Committee (EC). In addition, Jones has allegedly illegally sought to remove an elected EC member without following proper protocols, and Jones has allegedly violated NAACP state bylaws by failing to disclose complete 2023


financial records and receipts of the Unit to a member upon request, as required in NAACP Unit Financial Bookkeeping Guide.

The group also alleges that in his role as President, Jones has placed his own aggrandizement ahead of the interests of the NAACP and its members. i.e. For over 11 years the Maryland NAACP State Conference President and AAC NAACP have consistently and unyieldingly supported the family of a member, in their pursuit of justice following the death of a young African American woman. Several members are upset that instead of continuing that effort at a critical point, that when Jones assumed the office, he refused to issue a call for accountability from AAC police, which would have been in keeping with the NAACP’s statement that the criminal justice system is “heavily impacted by the bias of police mentality,..” and NAACP President Derrick Johnson’s call to “.. reform a ..system that fails to properly hold law enforcement officials accountable.” Jones, in a recent President’s report wrote about AAC Chief Amal Awad, “Because public criticism has occurred in the past without a discussion with her beforehand, Reverend Jones had to overcome great suspicion from the Chief before she understood that I truly love her” Currently Chief Amal Awad is refusing to list the death of the young woman as unsolved. Listing the death as unsolved, and requesting more information from the public would be in keeping with an Administrative Law Judge’s 58- page opinion.

The group considers this matter urgent, and request that President Johnson and the National Board take immediate action.

The public and media are invited to the press conference. Please forward questions to Rev Marguerite Morris. Email: or phone (301) 456-0769.

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