Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Annapolis Dems to City Leaders: Increase Access to Waterways Immediately

The recent matter of Alderman Gay and his friends being stopped by police for trying to access the water along Spa Creek was a wake-up call. Water access is going away for all but the very rich in our town. You have long advocated for increasing water access for the entire public in Annapolis. You won the endorsement of several key environmental organizations based upon this position. Now is the time for you to keep your word.

Call to Action: Keep Maryland Safe

Grassroots Organizations Say: “Keep Maryland Safe” Anne Arundel County Community Leaders Make Appeal to MD Governor and Citizens

For District 5 County Council, Dawn Myers’ Budget Experience Counts

We will have at least six new County Council members on the seven-member Council after the election. Trumbauer, Fink, Walker, and Grasso...