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Bee Blog – Update May 2020

Update May 4:  I have stopped naming my queen bees because I am superstitious and don’t want to jinx myself. I should...

Call to Action: Annapolis Climate Strike

Annapolis area - you and adult allies join together to call action upon the climate crisis. On September...

To Bee or Not To Bee?

Hive 2 on right starting as a brand new nuc; Nuc box laying in front to let the excess...

Key environmental actions for Maryland Legislature in 2019

There is important unfinished environmental business in the Maryland Legislature to be taken care of in 2019. A prime goal for the environment must be...

Maryland League of Conservation Voters Local Chapter Endorses in Anne Arundel...

Today the Anne Arundel County Chapter of the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV Anne Arundel County Chapter) announced its endorsement of Steuart...

The Beekeeper’s Blog: Spring And All?

In the words of William Carlos Williams' poem, Spring and All, and by the road to the contagious hospital, we have passed into the first...

Anne Arundel County: For Developers It’s a Win-Win

We all know building in critical areas isn’t good for the Chesapeake Bay. Charles Snyder is an Anne Arundel County developer and contributor to County...

Shifting the Paradigm Back to Humanity: A One-Day Conference 

James Baldwin wrote in a 1962 essay in the New Yorker:  “If we, who can scarcely be considered a white nation, persist in thinking...

The Lawbreaker

I don’t like breaking the law. Raising owls in a private residence without proper permits is a Federal crime. Game wardens almost never catch...

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