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Falling Through the Cracks

It is a tough time to be a kid. No generation before has grown up with smart phones so readily available, with the threat...

Como Ayudar Y Entender A Nuestros Hijos Adolescentes

Es la etapa más difícil como ser padres. No importa es que situación de nuestras vidas estemos pasando, buenas o malas, nivel social, si...

Anne Arundel County Police Join Forces to Go After Criminal Gangs

"We're going after all gangs. Whether you're Bloods, Crips, People Nation, Folk Nation, a Norteño or a Sureño, any of the wider gangs,” proclaimed...

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A Violation of International Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/20/2018 Contact: Info@ElectDeMarco.com  In 1948, the United States signed a Universal Declaration of Human Rights along with other initial members of the United...

Navy to Conduct Private Drinking Water Investigation in Chesapeake Beach, MD

The U.S. Navy plans to conduct a private drinking water well investigation in the areas around Naval Research Laboratory-Chesapeake Bay Detachment (NRL-CBD) in Chesapeake...

Vote! Claudia Barber for Judge on Anne Arundel County Circuit Court

In voting for a judge, the priority order for deciding who is most deserving should be the candidates’ qualifications and experience, along with external...

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