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Delegate Candidate Karen Simpson: To Heal Racial Tension in Our Schools,...

There are many effective ways to relieve tension: breathe deeply, meditate, exercise, play, listen to music, or SCREAM! These techniques are generally effective only when...

Chairman Grasso Makes Jokes as County Citizens Tell Emotional Stories of...

On Monday, June 5th an anti-hate resolution was introduced with a profound testimony by a clearly emotionalĀ Councilman Peter Smith (District 1). The Councilman shared...

When Sorority Girls Schooled Me on America’s Broken Prison System

It all started at a meet and greet with Brad Pitt. I was volunteering with his organization, "Make it Right" in New Orleans with...

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Key environmental actions for Maryland Legislature in 2019

There is important unfinished environmental business in the Maryland Legislature to be taken care of in 2019. A prime goal for the environment must be...

Adam DeMarco: A Violation of International Law

In 1948, the United States signed a Universal Declaration of Human Rights along with other initial members of the United Nations; this was the...

Navy to Conduct Private Drinking Water Investigation in Chesapeake Beach, MD

The U.S. Navy plans to conduct a private drinking water well investigation in the areas around Naval Research Laboratory-Chesapeake Bay Detachment (NRL-CBD) in Chesapeake...

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