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Hogan and the Trump Infrastructure plan: “We’ll add toll lanes.”

Now that step two in Trump’s disastrous tax plan has arrived it’s clear his infrastructure plan will have a very large bill. Waiter, the...

Republicans Bet Country’s Future on a Weak Hand. Will Dems Call...

The Republican Party just passed a major revision to the federal tax laws. This act may result in either a very good or a...

It’s Time to Hit the Mute Button on the Voice of...

How to Eradicate Pay-to-Play in Maryland Big and small, cats and dogs, wizards and muggles. It’s easy to point to opposites in our surroundings. Contrast...

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Stand Up to the NRA

By Annie Rehill When the U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787, the Continental Army had already been disbanded because the Revolution had been won. In...

Everytown America Act

Contact: Patrick Yu (443) 478-3141 Adam DeMarco, Democratic Candidate for United States Representative from Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, is calling on all Congressional leaders to immediately begin...

Borrow and Spend: Hogan’s Recipe for Economic Heart Disease in Maryland

It has always been difficult to convince people to worry about a danger that one does not see or feel, but can nonetheless...

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