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Identity Politics of the White-Wing: The Fallacy of a Working-Class Revolution

Despite its apparent and self-proclaimed contempt for identity politics, the modern Republican Party is fueled by labels, many of which have little substance or...

Stand Up to the NRA

By Annie Rehill When the U.S. Constitution was signed in 1787, the Continental Army had already been disbanded because the Revolution had been won. In...

Anne Arundel County Police Join Forces to Go After Criminal Gangs

"We're going after all gangs. Whether you're Bloods, Crips, People Nation, Folk Nation, a Norteño or a Sureño, any of the wider gangs,” proclaimed...

Chairman Grasso Makes Jokes as County Citizens Tell Emotional Stories of...

On Monday, June 5th an anti-hate resolution was introduced with a profound testimony by a clearly emotional Councilman Peter Smith (District 1). The Councilman shared...

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A Violation of International Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/20/2018 Contact: Info@ElectDeMarco.com  In 1948, the United States signed a Universal Declaration of Human Rights along with other initial members of the United...

Navy to Conduct Private Drinking Water Investigation in Chesapeake Beach, MD

The U.S. Navy plans to conduct a private drinking water well investigation in the areas around Naval Research Laboratory-Chesapeake Bay Detachment (NRL-CBD) in Chesapeake...

Vote! Claudia Barber for Judge on Anne Arundel County Circuit Court

In voting for a judge, the priority order for deciding who is most deserving should be the candidates’ qualifications and experience, along with external...

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