APat Team

The Arundel Patriot is looking for contributors to all aspects of our media group: writers, editors, copy editors, video producers, video editors, on camera talent, researchers, marketers, social media marketers and just about anyone who would like to help in any capacity!

Contact us to join our team: editor@arundelpatriot.org



Olivia Abboud, contributor

David Boesel, contributor

Therese Borchard, contributor

Ann Brickner, contributor

Vicky Bruce, editor and contributor

Gavin Buckley, contributor

Joseph Olmo, Latin/Hispanic correspondent and senior political reporter

Moira Buttner-Schnirer, contributor

Peter Cane, photographer, contributor, web developer

Gage Dillon, contributor

Robert Feldmann, contributor

Janice Fisher, contributor

Rebecca Forte, contributor

Leah Frazer, contributor

Vickie Gipson, contributor

Ruth Glaser, editor

Eric Graber, contributor and editor

Henry Green, contributor

Katherine Haas, contributor

Yasemin Jamison, production

Rob Kates, video production

Andrew J. Katz, contributor

Dawn Lamonica, editor

Monica Lindsey, contributor

Sue Lynch, editor

Nadja Maril, contributor

Beth MacKenzie, contributor

Vikka Molldrem, editor, contributor

Allie Moore, contributor

David Mullaly, contributor

Kelly Price, editor

Andrew Pruski, contributor

Polly Peters, contributor

Annie Rehill, editor

Justin Sarmast, contributor

Ingrid Schrecker, contributor

Robert Smith, graphic design

Carmen Skarlupka, contributor

Geoff Snowman, editor, contributor, photographer, web developer

Carl Snowden, contributor

John Wells, contributor

Michaela Whalen, young patriot

John Wells, contributor

Bill White, contributor

John White, contributor

Gerald Winegrad, contributor

Brenda Wintrode, contributor

Richard W. Right, contributor