Councilman Andrew Pruski on the Proposed Odenton Landfill

Anne Arundel Councilman Andrew C. Pruski, District 4.

by Andrew Pruski

On May 8, 2017, the Maryland Court of Appeals will be hearing opening arguments for a legal case involving the Chesapeake Terrace Landfill (Odenton Landfill) vs. the Forks of Patuxent Improvement Association. The legal debate regarding this landfill has been ongoing for quite some time, including prior to my tenure on the Anne Arundel County Council. I have always opposed the Chesapeake Terrace Landfill (Odenton Landfill) and will continue to do so. As the former President of the Four Seasons Community Association and in other leadership positions, I have taken a strong stand against landfills in Western Anne Arundel County.

My hope is that the Maryland Court of Appeals agrees with the community and denies any further approval for the Chesapeake Terrace Landfill (Odenton Landfill). There are several reasons why the landfill application should be denied. First, the character of the neighborhood and roads have changed since the initial application. Second, Anne Arundel County does not need another landfill at this time. With increased recycling efforts, we continue to have capacity in our county-owned facilities and we should continue to move towards of goal of zero waste. Third, the community of Woodwardville and the surrounding area are not in favor of this proposal. Fourth, the application for the landfill should have expired with the time limit allowed. 

The Maryland Court of Appeals should deny any further movement on the Chesapeake Terrace Landfill (Odenton Landfill) and stand with the community.

Andrew Pruski, Councilman for Anne Arundel County, District 4

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