Annapolis Maryland Stands with Charlottesville against Hate Groups


Stand with Charlottesville Against Hate!
Anne Arundel County Indivisible’s Monica Lindsy and Yasemin Jamison held a rally in Annapolis in support of Charlottesville Virginia last night. The rally in downtown Annapolis was very well attended. The speakers were Rabbi Steve Weisman, Pastor Chris Deacon – Pastor United Parish of Bowie, Reverand Marguerite Morris Pastor at New Beginnings Christian WC Ministries , Zainab Chadry CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations, Senator John Astle, Gavin Buckley, Alderman Kenneth Kirby, Pete Smith – County Council Dist. 1, Alderman Kenneth Kirby, Aron Axe, Carl Snowden and many others.

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