Women Mobilize For Democrats in Cape St. Claire

Democratic candidate for delegate of District 33 Pam Luby explains to volunteers how to canvass.

Cape St. Claire, Md. – Twenty Anne Arundel County women and six Democratic political candidates gathered Sunday afternoon, the one year anniversary of the Women’s March, to canvass Cape St. Claire and ask their Democrat neighbors to vote.

District 33 candidate for state delegate Pam Luby shared canvassing instructions with the attentive volunteers while they ate lasagna and salad from paper plates. “Your number one goal is to get them to commit to vote in the primary on June 26,” said Luby.

Other candidates in attendance were District 33 Senate candidates Heather Bagnall and Eve Hurwitz, District 33 Delegate candidate Tracie Hovermale, County Executive candidate Steuart Pittman, and Councilmanic District 5 candidate Dawn Myers. All canvassed along with the volunteers.

“We’re six months out from a primary ten months out from the general election, and we were able to turn out 20 people to go door knocking. That is an incredible sign of energy,” said Steuart Pittman campaign manager Scott Travers.

Cape St. Claire resident Laura Schrank organized the door-knocking event to invite community members into the democratic process. She became motivated after learning her representatives were all Republican and did not share her political and moral values. Schrank said, “This neighborhood is not an entirely Republican neighborhood. We are gerrymandered to be a Republican district, but if Alabama can do it, why can’t we?”


Volunteer canvasser Jeanne Klingler said her reasons for coming to knock on doors were twofold. She feels there are “too many Republicans representing her neighborhood,” and she wants to see more women in office.

Cape St. Claire sits in state District 33 and is represented by Republicans Sen. Ed Reilly and Del. Sid Saab, Del. Tony McConkey, and Del. Michael Malone. Millersville Republican Michael Peroutka serves Cape St. Claire in Councilmanic District 5.

The canvassers knocked on approximately 370 doors in under two hours. Luby expressed her appreciation for everyone that donated a portion of their Sunday. Luby said, “There’s 33,000 Democrats in District 33. We can’t do this without them.”

Brenda Wintrode is a freelance reporter for The Arundel Patriot.

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