Annapolis Activists to Raise Funds Tomorrow Night for Separated Immigrant Families

Child being detained by U.S. Border agents. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

When U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in April a “zero tolerance” policy for those crossing the border illegally, it resulted in  hundreds of children being separated from their parents and, in some cases, making no provision as to how these children would be tracked and reunited with their parents.   

These horrific events left many of us feeling helpless, sleepless and wondering what we could do to stop this.  Well, a local Annapolis attorney, Polly Peters, felt those same feelings and immediately volunteered to go to Dilley, Texas to one of the Family Detention Centers to work with the American Immigration Council. 

The AIC  is a non-profit that promotes laws, policies and attitudes which honor our proud history as a nation of immigrants. “My father fought in World War II to protect the world from Nazis,” said Peters.  “I am grateful he and most other war veterans are not alive to see what this country is doing to these people.”

Another Annapolis attorney will be joining, Eileen Powers, as well as recently-elected Alderman Marc Rodriguez.  Marc is a Spanish speaker and his gifts will be invaluable for their mission.  Here is a great article on all of them printed in the Capital last month.

The team will be helping to interview the and help prepare mothers for their “credible fear” asylum hearings.  This detention center holds nearly 2500 women and children awaiting action.  Some will have to wait years for their cases to be ultimately resolved.  The Annapolis activist team will leave on August 18 for training in Texas.  They will begin working with the mothers on August 20.

And here’s where you come in! Please attend Fundraiser for Babies at the Border tomorrow beginning at 6 p.m. at Union Jacks.  Please go here for more information:

Polly has had a gofundme page set up ( and has already had the majority of her $7500 goal met.  We want to take it the rest of the way and are hoping to raise $1500!  Already many who are unable to attend, have made generous donations. 

Sharon New Blugis is an Anne Arundel County community activist from Odenton.

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