Mckayla Wilkes Announces Her Second Congressional Run Against Majority Leader Steny Hoyer


“My name is Mckayla Wilkes. I’m running to represent Maryland’s 5th Congressional District because we deserve a representative who will fight for environmental, economic, and racial justice. Ever since I was incarcerated as a child for missing class while dealing with grief and undiagnosed depression, I have been fighting for change. 

“In 2020, I ran a grassroots primary campaign against Steny Hoyer and received the most votes, the highest vote share, and the smallest differential to Hoyer’s vote share compared to any challenger in his 40-year tenure. We even beat him in the in-person vote by 25 points. Since then, I co-founded the nonprofit advocacy organization Schools Not Jails to ensure no one experiences the school-to-prison pipeline like I did.

“Now, I’m running for Congress again. But this time, I’m running unreserved as the person I’ve always been. A Black, queer, working mother of two who will never give up on fighting for what we deserve. It’s time for some damn change.”

Last cycle, the campaign raised nearly $500,000 ($200,000 in the final month leading up to the election) from over 9,000 small-dollar donors, knocked on nearly 60,000 doors prior to COVID-19, made over 400,000 calls to MD-5 voters, had over 600 active volunteers, ran TV ads across the district, and was endorsed by over 50 national organizations. Prior to Wilkes’ launch this cycle, the campaign has already received over 400 new volunteer signups. 

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